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Your bicycle can take you anywhere. The pub garden, the supermarket, to a loved one, or around the world. Riding a bicycle provides mobility, sport and a great feeling. It's good for your physical and mental health, as well as for your wallet and the environment. We're still entitled to enjoy our cars but, for distances less than 3 miles, the bicycle is our best alternative. As we say, the potential savings are enormous, both for the wallet and CO2 emissions.


So our call is:

Move on – Join us!

Every mile counts! Even if you're just making your way to the bakery. Our call goes out to all you people who are already beginning to understand the merits of cycling. We believe, that if we're fit and healthy enough, any journey can be undertaken by means of the bicycle.

Our great passion is travelling. But we recognize that airplanes are our number one climate killers. For this reason we chose to travel by car rather than plane when we undertook our 'World travel to go – with the VW-Bus to India'-journey 2 years ago. We found that travelling overland is an amazing way to experience a country. But now we want to one better and leave an even better world for our children, by undertaking our Tour 2010 and go by bicycles, dogs and all, to Asia.

A small amount of our travel-budget is always set aside to relieve the suffering of the poor we encounter on our way. This time we want to reach even more.  Here you can learn more about our project, and how you can support us by signing up.

We are glad to welcome you on our website.

Have fun reading!